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Greetings friends of the Flying Mouse!

After some wonderful years of brewery amazing beers and serving them up to our friends and community, we have decided to close our doors. It has been an incredible adventure and we’d like to Thank all of you for sharing it with us.

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“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real”
- Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days


Whereas we are no longer brewing or selling our beers, here’s our past menu…

Four quintessential brews to taunt your tastebuds, and a limited edition brew that changes with the season. Like it light and crisp? Or prefer yours dark and sultry? Our beers – Flying Mouse 3, Flying Mouse 4, Flying Mouse 5 and Flying Mouse 8, light to dark – use a unique numbering system to help guide your selection. We are constantly adding to our list of brews and invite you to try them all!


“There can’t be good living where
there is not good drinking.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Bartleby Hopsworth

Meet Bartleby Hopsworth, the official mascot of the Flying Mouse Brewery.

Bartleby is the mouse who dreamed of flight. An inventor and adventurer, when Bartleby saw a bat flying overhead one night he pondered flight and all its possibilities. Determined to make his dream a reality, he took up the challenge of inventing his own wings, drawing inspiration from the owner of the house in which he lived: Jules Verne.

One fateful sunny weekend Bartleby tagged along as his landlord paid a visit to his friend H.G. Wells. Bartleby overhead Mr. Wells speaking of a time machine of his own creation and this sparked his journey to flight. While the two men continued their dinner discussion, Bartleby made his way to H.G. Well’s study and took the time machine for a spin, traveling back in time to visit Leonardo Da Vinci to seek his wisdom on manned flight. This conversation gave birth to his wing pack, as well as a thirst for further time-traveling escapades. And thus began the many adventures of Bartleby Hopsworth, the flying mouse!

“I’ve always had a thing for bats (a “flying mouse” as it is called in other languages), and we initially selected a bat as the character around which the brand of the brewery would be developed.” Brewmaster and brewery owner Frank Moeller explains. “As the idea of the brewery grew, along with our thoughts of linking the brewery with the “steampunk” design concepts born out of the books of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, it was decided that the character should be an example of the spirit of invention, and actually be a mouse that invents a set of mechanical wings in order to fly. The idea of a small mouse wanting to become something so much more than it is also embodies the idea we have for the brewery experience, and how a small brewery can be about more than just making beer.”

“I love the idea of this swashbuckling mouse adventurer and wanted to bring Bartleby to life in all his steampunk glory.” Creative Director Chris Moeller says of the mascot. “And it’s not just Bartleby, there is a whole mythology of characters and stories surrounding him. We want the story of Bartleby and his world to be part of the brewery experience.”

You can watch Chris speak more about Bartleby in the Taproom Tales interview on YouTube. Stay tuned for more of Bartleby’s adventures, but for now enjoy these sketches of Bartleby Hopsworth in action…


It's about the spirit of invention
and the thirst for adventure.

~ Bartleby Hopsworth


Hey Folks!

Our current adventure has come to an end, and we have closed the brewery. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!

If there are any future updates they will be posted on our Facebook page .

~ Bartleby Hopsworth